On Grandparent's Day come do time travel

Building Alfândega Nova do Porto

Museum of Transport and Communications. Building Alfândega Nova do Porto


10am to 1pm (admission until 5pm) and 2pm to 6pm (admission until 5pm)

“O motor da República: os carros dos Presidentes”. Arquivo AMTC
“O motor da República: os carros dos Presidentes”. Arquivo AMTC
In full summer vacation challenge your grandparents to visit the Museum and make an authentic trip back in time knowing the vehicles that served the Presidents of the Republic since 1910 and media that brought what was far before.

In the exhibition "The engine of the Republic: Presidents' cars" will be able to find out what are the hypomobiles or rare models like Packard Super Eight, Rolls-Royce Phantom V or Vanden Plas Princess. In the exhibition COMUNICAR they can remember a little of the history of the communication through the grafonola, the telegraph, of radios or old telephones. Between one exhibition and another the Black Ribeira Panel by Mestre Júlio Resende (1984) also invites to travel through the Ribeira of old times with fishmongers, washerwomen and kids diving into the river Douro.

Come from there with your grandparents travel through the times that intersect in the Museum.
Preçário para Visita
» Ticket for all the Museum - 7,50 € / p.
» Ticket for The Motor of the Republic: the cars of the Presidents - 3,00 € / p.
» Free entry up to 6 years old (except guided group visits)
» 30% Discount for Families (3 or more elements), groups with a minimum of 10 pers., PortoCard and student / youth card

Information and registration: museu@amtc.pt or by phone +351 223 403 000.