Metamorphosis of a place

Customs Museum and Library

In this small space devoted to the memory of the place, the history of the building, the transformations imposed on the land for its construction, the unique routines of customs clearance, the current role of customs and the renovation of the building for new functions are all illustrated through multiple objects that convey real stories and encourage the visitor to imagine and create others: record books, customs tariffs, typewriters and calculators, apprehended goods, smuggling strategies, scientific instruments used in analysing products and substances to ensure the population’s safety, symbolic furniture of the complex hierarchical structure typical of a public service, illustrative records of the building’s renovation and some of the countless cultural, political and scientific events that have brought the Customs House to life since 1993.
Alongside the exhibition, the Customs House Museum Library has a collection of a wide range of documents that reveal the knowledge necessary for customs activity (opened to the public on 18th May 2006 – co-financing III QCA).

Exhibition display

Nucleus I
Porto: city of commerce
The production of places - the city, the river and Miragaia

Nucleus II
The Customs Systems and the city of Porto's commerce
The customs systems construction of the state and the national economy
From the customs house of D. Afonso IV to the old customs house and the various warehouses
Move to the new customs house
The new customs house in Miragaia - urban planning and sanitation

Nucleus III
Images of the New Customs House
The construction of the building - general spaces and structures
Communication lines (new road and railway line) - the role of the CMP (Porto Town Council) and the ACP (Porto Commerce Association)
Human resources
Working environments and 

Nucleus IV
Memories of the customs systems
Historical trajectory
The empire of symbols

Nucleus V
New uses of an historic building - The Museum of Transports and Communications
The new configurations of international trade and the future of the building
Recuperation of the space
The building and its uses

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