Do you know the Museum with no Frontiers?

28 de abril de 2017
Museum with no Frontiers image
This Museum has already about 20 years of experience in the process of "rewriting history", far beyond the borders of each country
Its mission is to give insight and different perspectives of history among the variety of countries and their memory, integrating it, giving it a global, participatory context, expanding networks of communication between different cultures.

Its subject is all the subjects of countries and institutions who participate in this project, providing data, structured information about their collections, in digital format, thus highlighting them in a new context.

The Transports and Communication Museum became a partner in this project and has already given its contribution, sharing and disseminating the national heritage, in the category of “Great Inventions of the 19th Century”

Share this project that gives voice to cultural heritage!
Let us be active participants in the intercultural bridges construction!

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