Alfândega do Porto reopens on June 1st

We are ready, safe and confident

7 de junho de 2020
We are ready!
The building and the exhibitions reopen under special security conditions, ensuring the necessary normality.

The Oporto Customs House, with 36.000 m², high, wide and open corridors, guarantees unique security conditions.
In addition to the natural conditions of this space, there is a wide range of measures:
  • Sanitizing mat at the entrance;
  • Appropriate signs in the entrance, corridors, elevators and bathrooms;
  • Hygienization of all rooms with products certified by the General Direction of Health;
  • Several dispensers with disinfectant;
  • Application of a wide range of measures resulting from Quality Certification within APCER about the special condition we live.

In addition to the visit to the Building, which this year celebrates 150 years of life, Alfândega do Porto has patents to the public:
  • Exhibition "Metamorphosis of a place: Customs Museum";
  • Exhibition "The engine of the Republic: the Presidents' cars";
  • “Ribeira Negra" Panel by Júlio Resende

This is our response to COVID-19: We are ready, safe and confident.

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