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6 de junho de 2020
Photo Album, Customs Collection
Photo Album, Customs Collection
About the 1st of May: memory of customs officials
How many faces have brought New Customs and customs activity to life?

In the construction of the building, which began in 1859, there were times when the number of workers was over a thousand in operation. And, in the course of the days, the customs system, in general, was one of the bodies with more employment capacity in the state bureaucracy, both by the number of employees it occupied and by the employees it created upstream and downstream, by the connections with other services, especially transport.
Of the Customs officials who passed through, there are memories that remain to this day. A unique collection of museum objects, such as uniforms that distinguished themselves and were worn by the employees, according to the position they held and the season, caps, badges, keys and key rings, megaphones, among others, mirror and preserve memories and an institutional identity. Take the case of the photographic album of the 1920's, composed and covered with cardboard, with p&b images, which identifies and reflects the biographical record of the customs officers who worked in the various offices. Each employee was identified with a personal photograph, had an identification number, the full name was registered and the description of the position he held. In addition to this album, which perpetuates the memory of some employees who have contributed greatly to the intense activity of Customs, also deserve special mention the identity cards, in card format, and with p&b photographs alluding to the traffic staff.

The labour force, mostly male as can be seen from the observation of this album, has been integrating, throughout the second half of the 20th century, more and more women being always curious the reference that some of the first female employees filled the category of "probes" (responsible for searching women at border posts).

Regarding the celebration of Labour Day, on May 1st, here is our tribute to the customs officers.

Photo Album, with card cover and b&w photographs with identification of the employees of the Customs House of Lisbon, 1919-1926 | Customs Collection - inv. no. D.2006.2.17

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